Windows Games (OpenGL)

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere you will find my Windows based games that use OpenGL.  Please note that these games can only be played with graphics cards that support OpenGL.  This should not be a problem, as most modern day graphic adapters do support OpenGL.  You should make sure you have the lastest drivers for your graphics card.


Title:  Quest3: The Castle Siege
Type:  Adventure/RPG
Download (10.4MB)

The Quest series continues…  Quest3 is bigger and better than the precious Quest games in every way.  Quest3 has better graphics, more monsters, more items and better play control.  If you are not familiar with my Quest series of games, the idea behind them is simple.  Quest is a top-down view, adventure/RPG game.  You control the Hero of the game with the goal of stopping the Evil Wizard’s plans.  The Quest games have always provided a unique view of the world around the Hero and Quest3 is no different.


Title:  Christmas Platformer
Type:  Side-scrolling Platformer
Download (579KB)

Christmas Platformer is a platform type game with a Christmas theme (just like the title implies).  It is a simple run and jump game similar to Super Mario Bros.  I have even given it a Mario feel with similar graphics.  The object of the game is to collect as many presents as you can while you work your way to the end of the level.  It is a simple race against time, complete each level before the time runs out.  Oh, and don’t fall down any holes.


Title:  SnoBall Fight (Revision 4)
Type:  Action/Fighting
Download (979KB)

SnoBall Fight is not only my first Windows based game, it is also the first 3D game.  The idea behind it is simple, hit your opponent with a snowball before they hit you.  Of course there is a little more to it than that, while you are trying to make and throw snowballs, your opponent is trying to do the same.  Revision 4 fixes a multi-player bug and adds random weather and time of day effects.


Title:  Super Tournament Pong 2
Type:  Arcade Classic/Pong
Download (798KB)

This is the sequel to the DOS game Super Tournament Pong.  This game plays a lot like the original, but takes it to the third dimension.  If you enjoyed the first, then this game is for you.  It features unique paddles, each with their own endings and a few secrets too (including secret paddles).