DOS Games

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere you will find some of the first games I ever made.  These all run in MS-DOS, which is no longer supported in Windows and hasn’t been for some time now.  So unless you have a really old version of Windows or you have a DOS emulator, you won’t be able to play these games.  But for those of you who know your way around a computer, I am sure you will be able to find a way to play them.  So feel free to check them out and see where it all began for me.


Title:  Quest: The Dungeon Escape
Type:  Adventure/RPG
Download (39.9KB)

The first game I made and still one of my favorites.  This game is basically an action/adventure type game with a hint of RPG.  It is reminiscent of the old Rogue style games, but with actual graphics.  It consists of 10 levels to explore, many different kinds of monsters to slay and treasures to collect.


Title:  Quest 2: The Forest Trap
Type:  Adventure/RPG
Download (143KB)

The sequel to Quest.  This game included new monsters, a new setting (the forest) and actual animations for the hero and monsters.  This game is basically a much improved version of the first Quest and personally my favorite of the two.


Title:  Super Tournament Pong
Type:  Classic Arcade/Pong
Download (76.9KB)

OK, this is not your everyday run-of-the-mill type pong game.  When was the last time you saw a pong game with super moves.  That is not all that makes this pong game stick out from the rest.  Instead of just letting the ball bounce off your paddle, you can hit the ball, sending it back to your opponent at a faster speed.


Title:  Peach’s Dream
Type:  Side-Scroller/Adventure
Download (292KB)

This game is a Mario-type, side-scroller.  It is more than just another Mario clone.  Instead of just going through one level after another, you actually have to get items from one level to pass another one.  The background graphics were all hand-drawn by me.